Know About Magus Designs

At Magus Designs’ your dream furniture and home décor are turned into real shape. Contemporary design and old world craftsmanship is tuned together in our atelier to give perfect fusion to all our collections. Reconnoiter us and you will find your masterpiece is magnificently floored here.

Every work of art at Magus has fusion of desired aesthetic, modern world design and indigenous art, making each article a chef-d’oeuvre. Thing’s that adds charisma in our craft is our selectively hand-picked material, sourced across the globe.

Assortments of article we floor at Magus are from a trousseaux to bar and coffee table and more, each meticulously designed to pep up your home interior. Crafted in quality material with long hour workmanship our home interior has its own language and gives a new definition to your home decor.

We consider our patrons the best artist and so we give them the sovereignty to contour personalized design. At Magus Designs’ you recite your dream home and our team will décor it for you.

Anupam Singh


Yogesh Sharma